Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Win!

Geez, look at me here, three posts in one week. I must be sick or something.

Oh, wait, I am sick! That's no fun. So I was especially glad to win these pretties:

from this lovely blogger:

Who you should of course go visit immediately.

Now, I don't offer art giveaways very often, because I am very very very picky abotu my art. This isn't a snooty Art Person thing. I don't buy into the High Art vs. Low Art debate. But for me, finding art I love is like making friends-- or falling in love. The world is full of good art, and good people. And I get along with most of them. I would not object to spending the weekend with any of my coworkers, or tear down a framed painting by almost any artist.
But finding something- or someone- that I really love is different. With art, I'm drawn to open spaces, simple lines,clear colors, a sense of narrative-- and all of that's quantifiable. But there's something else, more important-- a way of looking at the world that sees it as inherently welcoming, even beautiful. This has nothing to do with subject matter-- I love me some Dutch realism-- and is the part where it really falls down into personal taste.
But these pics? Totally have it. I am going to squeal over the Thank You card every time I see it.

What sort of art makes your heart happy?


Samantha said...

Congratulations on the win, those are so sweet! What a wonderful artist, will have to check her out. :)

mermaiden said...

Carapace, you have some good mojo going on. Are you going to buy a lottery ticket, or do you think you've used it up for the month?!

I am no art historian and have not studied it, and have not the "special" words to describe what I like. What I can say is, I like whatever kind of art flips the switch in me that instantly makes my mind wander. I look at Waterhouse and walk into the moment. I see Froud, and am sitting under a toadstool. I could go on, but you get my drift!

Carapace said...

Thanks, Samantha!

Mermaiden, I swear, I never won anything until I started hanging out on Etsy. Now if I can just win myself a customer base;).
Seriously, it rocks there!
I know exactly what you mean about the art. That's one of the big things I look for too. If it invites me to create a story, it's halfway to having me hooked. I LOVE illustrated books for that--every picture meant to be part of a tale.
Every fantasier loves Froud, I think. He's one of the big uniter artists, like Pratchett.

storybeader said...

your intro was too funny! What moves my heart most is music - I love all kinds: classical, classic rock, "world" - everything except (sorry southern gals) country. And opera - could never get into opera, though my mom loves it!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Cute...congrats on the win :)

AMOzarkian said...

Congratulations on the winning! As to your question, I love your art. You have such a good narrative vision that shines through in your work. There's wonderful whimsy and positive energy. It's the kind of artwork you hang somewhere where you'll see it every day and it will always bring a smile and warm happiness. I also love John William Waterhouse. :) Cheers!

Becky said...

Congrats! Those are really beautiful, I think I discovered her on the Soulemama blog! Beautiful! :D

Carapace said...

Storybeader- you know, on the one hand, if you don't like opera, I can sort of see why you don't like country. They have a lot in common (No, really! I'm thinking here of the emphasis and dramatization given to common feelings, the way minor events get turned into epic's very much a storytelling kind of songwriting, at least traditionally..).
On the other hand, you like rock but not country, and that's sort of like enjoying purple but really not liking blue. Maybe all you've heard is pop country? I've no particular need to convert you, but I'd hate to think you're missing out on good stuff...have you heard any rockabilly?
I used to be wary of country too, but I live in Texas, so I had to do something about the song says, it's like living in heaven and not liking God. So I've learned to stop worrying and love the banjo. I'll help others if I can, since it's nearly impossible to avoid!:)

Awwww, AMO! Why d'you have to come over all sweet and sincere and complimentary, huh? Now I'm blushing something fierce, and my husband thinks my fever is back. Comments like that keep me working during the slow patches on Etsy.

Memories, Miesmama- thank you!