Friday, April 17, 2009

Emergency Weather Post


Rain today! Serious rain, the sort that's earned my part of Texas the sobriquet Flash Flood Alley, with thunder that's shaking my little house and a sky blacker than a basement.

This is a Good Thing, because we need rain very much--the whole state's been having one of our major droughts-- but it does mean I don't dare do any serious compywork right now, because being killed by lightning is a harsh mistress. So instead, I'm going to give you all something to laugh at today: my early experiments in polymer clay!

Wait, What's this? Some very pretty swirlwork, I daresay, but what the--

Oh, it's this:

I wonder if it's related to this:

Can anyone guess what these were supposed to be? Any part of them?
I'll tell everyone what the heck I was thinking tomorrow. For now--



AMOzarkian said... of them looks like it has cats on it. They kinda look like baskets or bird nests. I like the swirly though - my favorite colors. Stay away from the lightning! Cheers!

AMOzarkian said... them another look now - what I thought were cats might be squirrels and they might actually be knots in trees maybe? :)

mermaiden said...

one is an easter basket with chocolate rodents/squirrels. the other is a japanese easter basket full of seaweed, because i know you like anime.

Anonymous said...

The third picture looks like two we creature with darling eyes sitting in a chair with a purple blanket. How far off am I? HA


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

To me they look like a great piece of art! Even if they didn't turn out exactly like you wanted...wasn't it fun to experiment :)

Sue said...

Interesting! The first one looks like the back of the second pic which looks like fish (in a pond?). The third does look like a basket with a bluebird and two squirrels (or cats with bushy tails).


Depending on the size of them they are pendants or wall plaques for Spring?

Rose Works Jewelry said...

No clue about the top one, I think the bottom one is a blue bird and two squirrels...

uniquecommodities said...

call me crazy but why was I thinking the shape of Texas?! LOL

TiLT said... & cats maybe?
The colors are pretty :)

Anonymous said...

I think the first one is the beginning, the second one you added to, to create the finished piece in the third photo.

You did well in my opinion!