Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blue Line 1

So I've got a Cintiq! Yay! There's acres of stuff I want to do on it. But before I commit to any big projects-- a comic blog, an overall series, making new my Christmas cards for print-- I want to make sure I've got this thing under control. It's magic, I don't want to go using it unprepared!

So, I return to my first artistic love, comicking!

Now, I always want comments, but this time I really NEED them. Does the line resolution here look ok on your screen? Is the text legible? Do you notice any technical problems?

Your reward, should you choose to leave me a comment, is to dictate my fate in the next weeks-- leave a comment, and tell me what the next Blue Line should be about! Yes! You could make me draw squid-hugging elephants, or a romantic comedy, or the Viking invasion of America! And all you have to do is give me some feedback. At this point, ANYONE who leaves a comment and instructions can get on the list!

So what do you think, sirs?


yanub said...

Oh, so cute! So neat! So darling! Even your lettering is legible! OK, ok, you want some advice. Ummm. You need to brush up your lolcat speak? But, seriously, I love your amorphous personage.

I leave for someone else the prize of telling you what to do. After all, I've done that so many times already.

Carapace said...

Ok, so it's legible then. That's a relief.

It's not lolcat speak, it's Cara-has-no-sleep speak! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lettering is legible and lines are freakishly straight, with is quite bizarre, I assure you.

I miss the texture of your watercolors. What program are you using on this?

Carapace said...

Ruby, the lines are made straight with the holy spell called Snap To Grid. The letters are laid out likewise. I won't stick with it for my main comics, because I letter with no flair and it kills my hands, but it's nice for these throwaway bits.

I miss my watercolor and marker texture too. I know there's a way to mimic it...