Monday, September 29, 2008

I Have A Secret!

I have a couple actually.

The Etsy Texas team is having a team-wide secrets search today! If you find our armadillo mascot at one of the ETC stores, you get a freebie! The shop will say what the freebie is.

Here's the search tag to look for participating shops:

I should note that not *everything* tagged with etcsecrets actually is one...but every shop using the tag has at least one secret! I should also note that looking for the darn things is really addictive!

Come play with us!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I might just have to come play Cara!

Carapace said...

Roseworks, thanks for looking, even if you didn't find anything in my shop that suited you! I've never done this promotion before-- it was FUN!

Mannie Vincent said...

Cara... YAY for secret sales!!!!