Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brain, Blogger meltdown

For some reason, blogger isn't letting me add images. Why, Blogger? Whhhyyyyyy?

This could be overcome with a witty, wordy post of the sort that I don't actually write, ever. Or just a talkative post of the sort that I do write, usually. But my brain has decided that it is Happy Fun Seizure time, so that isn't going to happen today.


I've been taking this as the universe's cue to get the heck off the computer and create- I've got some more jewelry, some promotional stuff to send to ETC, and started making my Christmas ornaments (think I went mushy over Halloween? Oh-ho-ho-ho, you haven't even seen me begin to gush.), along with a few experimental things that look really cool, but serve no useful purpose that I can guess. Oh well. Failure is a learning mode.

And I've taken lots of photos! That, um. I can't share (see above, re: Whhhhyyyy?). But at least when I've got them progressed and everything is linking smoothly again, I should be able to keep up with the One-A-Day Challengettes through October! Yes! A whole month of stuff!

Back later, because my Texas team has a seeeecret, and secrets are no fun at all unless you go spilling them! But for now, meltdown time. So be good til then, ok?

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