Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Hallo-- What, Too Early?

Stepped outside this morning and there is an entirely unseasonal snap in the air. The light is different; the air has that clear carrying scent that allows the least odor to carry for miles. Looking at the early fall beauty, my rational adult mind said "Hunh, better call the propane guys."

My inner child jumped up and shouted "HALLOWEEN TIME!" and raided my inner closet for my inner costume remnants.

I love holidays, and Halloween was always one of my favorites. The easy reason would be the candy, but in fact for me the candy was secondary even as an eight year old. I could have bought candy; my parents could give me candy. Half the time, the candy wasn't even stuff I liked.

The real joy of Halloween was connection. It was visiting neighbors who might not speak to me on any other day and having conversations and even getting treats. It meant getting to stalk the neighborhood with just my friends, acting like we were big (and ignoring or forgetting the watchful adult wisely hanging back). Halloween was carving The Best Pumpkin into The Greatest Jack o' Lantern Ever, every year. It was the thrill of weeks spent arranging the perfect costume-- no store bought for me, not ever!--and getting to see what everyone else had chosen too.

And of course it was being someone else, just for a few hours. Someone braver or darker or just different. For those few hours, I tried to see the world through wildly different, often inhuman, eyes.

Now I'm a big grown-up type person, and it's my job to hand out the candy. And I'm even more excited. I get to meet the new batch of trick or treaters who come up bearing empty pillowcases and borrowed courage. I'll smile and act scared and hand out candy or stickers. Because now it's my turn to be the Halloween Gatekeeper, and help teach the real lesson of the season- that your neighbors are ok, that you're ok even when you're weird, that even when the world is scary there's candy if you just know how to ask.

And I will have The Greatest Jack o' Lantern Ever. Every year.


All that aside-- I'm going to celebrate like crazy. I'm deciding on my costume, and what movies to watch while waiting for the littles, and what nibbles to have as I can't have sugars or starches (no, I'm not losing weight- it's medical).

And I have deeevious plans for my Etsy store. Soon to be revealed! Bwahahha!

Anyone else putting up the black and orange banners?


Myfanwy said...

Hmm, devious plans. I'll watch out for those LOL

SpiritMama said...

Wonderful article on the joy of Halloween! I love it too, for so many reasons. I got to be a princess one night every year! Now I will have a whole new reason to love it because my new baby is due Oct 28!!!

Anonymous said...

Unable to get this silly grin off of my face. Your blog post is wonderfilled.

Thinking I must be odd, only remembering liking this holiday as an elementary school kid. Back then, all costumes were home-made, and I once won a contest out of all of the kids that showed up for it in my small (back then) home town. I was a panda. I can picture it now and I will be hitting 1/2 a century!

Thanks for the feelings.


roseworksjewelry said...

Awww - what a cute post!

CB said...

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, especially now that I am an adult. I can dress up, put on makeup, and see all those little smiles at the door. ;)

Now that we have moved, we also have a pumpkin patch right by us. I'll be cooking pumpkin seeds this year too! Oh and we do somehow have a small pumpkin grouping growing in the ditch in front of the townhouse *shrugs*.

Carapace said...

Spiritmama, I never would have believed it as a kid, but adults really do have the better part of the night. Sit at home and watch the parade! And oh, congratulations and best of wishes on the incoming new person!

Lily- a panda! That's great! My best costume was the three-headed pumpkin beast. Balloons, markers, and rubber bands-- but I loved it! If you've let your Halloween spirit fade away, I highly encourage recovering it this year.

cb-you know what I'm talking about! Oh, yes, pumpkin seeds. And cider punch! And apple dipping--ok, now I'm getting too excited.

Thanks Myfanwy and Roseworks for stopping by (though Rose, I deny to my dying breath that I am in any way cute!;). Now it's off to those devious plans of mine!