Saturday, September 27, 2008

Six Secrets

I got tagged by the lovely Good Witch Too to come up with six secrets about myself. Because, she says, I am one of "chatty ones". Hmph! Says me, and Hmph! Again! Doesn't she know I am a shy subtle introvert? Well, fine, I'll play, just to show that I'm a good sport despite libelous awful slander, and also because I have desperately wanted to be tagged in a blog game for like three years. Thanks, Witchy!
This one is a problem,however, because I don't *have* six secrets. I'm a very open person, and I have no shame. So this is more "Six things people haven't asked much", ok?

1.Lavender makes me ill. I don't mean I don't like it, I mean it gives me headaches, and, if ingested as in tea, makes me nauseous. This puts me at odds with about 70 percent of the holistic relaxing products out there.

Yet I appear to be resistant to all forms of insect venom. Ants,spiders, bees, wasps, bark scorpions...all have had their fangs and/or stingers in me, numerous times, with nothing more than the momentary pinprick annoyance I would get from any sharp jabbing. If civilization collapses, I'm totally turning bee hunter and selling the honey for my upkeep.

2. My best friend in high school came to my wedding, and that was the last time I really saw him. That was ten years ago. I still miss him every day.

3. I don't ascribe to any of the standard religious belief systems even a little, but I have absolute faith in my own way. To put it in the geekiest non-math terms possible: I believe this life is like a session of a tabletop RPG, the best ever invented. We're here to experience as much as possible, to have fun, and to learn how to be more ourselves. Everyone when our characters are sometimes at loggerheads it's good to remember we're all playing for the same reasons. And when this session is over, and we regroup for the next campaign, if the big GM Over All feels like handing out character points they will not come for picking the right ideological horse, or accumulating the best swag, or even having the most impressive character (fun as that all might be), but will instead be based on how well we were true to our character in this life, and how much we added to the game for our fellow players.

Also, I am totally going to be a superhero in my next campaign. Just for contrast, you know.

4.I have written fanfic.
If you do not know what that is, please do not attempt to find out.

If you do know, let me hasten to add that mine, at least, had neither Mary Sue nor sex scenes.

Nor are they published, online or otherwise.

Nor are they on my surviving computer's hard drive.

Yes, my old shame is gone! Bwahaha! I laugh the laugh of someone who will never have her adolescent prose held against her.

5. I am really hilariously disabled. Between the seizures, the daily migraines (every time I craft, draw, write, or otherwise create, it brings on a migraine. I mean a whopper. The longer I work, the worse it gets. This doesn't stop me or anything, but it's an irritating sort of tradeoff- the ability to interact with the world? Or the ability to create my own?), and the genetic connective tissue disorder, there's not a part of me that works right. I'm so very obviously disabled that I got approved for SSDI *on my first try*, in *under six months*. Unless you've been through the process or know someone who has, you don't know what a freakish rarity that is. As one of my husband's coworker's put it, "What is she? A head in a jar?!?"
Which I'm not, but I do have maybe eight semifunctional hours in any 24 hour period. The rest of the time I'm unconscious or immobile. I don't talk about it much because for me it's so old hat it's boring. But it's still there, and it affects everything, even when I'm having a good day, because I know I'm borrowing that day against the pain later.
But hey, I look good doing it!

6. I have modeled nude. Among my many malfunctioning systems is apparently the one that controls modesty and shame.
Nonetheless, I do not post pictures of myself in any identifiable capacity, because I like to maintain an air of mystery. I'm such a very blatant person, this sort of paper mask is the only one I can maintain. *choke* It's my only chance to be narratively interesting! Please don't take it away!

And seriously, if there's anything you're wondering about me, ask! I cannot tell a lie! Or shut up! It's like a syndrome or something.

Ooh, I have to tag people. Well, if they're following along, I'd love to hear from:

Mannie Mandible, who clearly has a playful streak,

Darkling Woods, who seems very mysterious to me,

Sygnet and TagsandButtons , who probably won't have the time, what with the running one of the chattiest groups to ever chat, but I'd still like to hear their Six,

Mondry, Miss Yknot herself, because she and her name both tickle me,

And Zappy Turtle, because how could I not love a zappy turtle? Look at that little shell!

Ok, now. Honestly. I'm a'goin'. I have work to do. Really! Quit poking me with the pitchforks! At least leave comments!


agoodwitchtoo said...

I love it, Cara! Every little thing you wrote! I love your take on the spiritual aspect... that you still create even though it brings you pain... I don't love that you're in pain... but you get my point.

Thanks for being a good sport! I don't know how you got dubbed as a chatty one... could be the long blog post :P

Glad I could oblige in you wanting to be tagged :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

OH my goodness!

I don't know where to start, I honestly don't.

Perhaps with the modeling nude? You got guts! Or rather, lack of the gut that some of us have...

Fanfic? I'm intrigued...

I must say I'm rather interested in your theory about life as well - can't say as I agree - but it's really an interesting way to look at it!

Approved on your first try??? That is rather unbelievable! My brother would be so jealous if he heard that, not to mention depressed, so I won't tell him :P

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Oh - and I think I have something to do with you being dubbed one of the chatty ones...

Carapace said...


I mean, thanks for commenting! That's what I mean!

And really, I was tickled to be tagged. Especially after seeing you are kindred spirit in the ranks of those cursed by luxury items.

Extra funny fact: I actually *am* an introvert. Just one who really likes people.

Now I am not in any way going hunting for your secrets...

Rose-- Oh, I've got a gut on me:). Just no shame. Plus, I've taken art classes myself, so I know full well that the way an artist looks at a nude body is unjudgemental. Slim, fat, shapely-- all that matters is spotting those *#&! shadows.

Yes, fanfic. I knew you would know what I meant.;) But I bet you can't guess the seeeeeriees! (No, it's not Heroes. I don't fic living actor stuff.:P)

I don't expect you to agree- but I am glad it's something you can sort of respect. I figured I'd better put my position out there before I said something stupid on the blog and got all misinterpreted.
You're Christian, yes? My husband is a good Lutheran boy. Lots of good stuff there.

Suggest that your brother pass out on the doctor. I mean physically on him. Multiple times. I think that's what did it for me.

TiLT said...

Ok - you are awesome! I was tagged today and have been following tag threads.
I can sympathize with the migraine part - from the time I was 5 to 25...had my first kid and they stopped - weird. Musta blown the blood vessel that was causing the whole mess. That's my unofficial theory anyway.
Seizures are my mom's gig - so I am no help there.
And looking good doing it all ... well of course! ;)