Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Five: One A Day Challenge!

You may have noticed, if you follow my shop, that I've been updating much more this month. Why, it's as though I have something new every day!

And indeed I do, thanks to the inspiration of my fellow Etsiers at the One A Day Challenge! I could go on and on about how brilliant the idea and the people are, but instead I'll just show you some of the results:

Magpie's Daughter has an eye for the shiny. Just don't accept her food!

Cricket's Creations include scarves of sheer glamour:

And scarves you will steal from your husband:

Yarrow1 has her own style. Check out these gourds, which are not quite like anything else I've seen on Etsy--and do you know how rare that is? Look!

And can you believe the work on this ACEO?

The Gaudy Goddess works big, bold and beautiful:

Last but never ever least, our glorious founder, the brain behind the boom, Bittersweeets!

I think all avocados look like this:

Clarence lies, but I can hardly blame him:

This hardly even touches on the challengey goodness! For more, go to Etsy and search under "tags" for "oneadaychallenge". Really! Do it!


Myfanwy said...

What a great post. I love the avocado!

Carapace said...

Isn't it adorable? And I have deep suspicions of avocados anyway. How does something so veggie get to be almost pure fat, huh? Answer me that, you little green deception!

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