Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boo on the Day!

Today was...not a good day.

This is not the day's fault. It is entirely my own brain, turning against me like a badly-trained hunting falcon. I'm in a craftin' mood, but whatever section of the brain translates abstract thought into handwork ain't on board. So I sit here seething, all a-brew with ideas and no way to implement them. Major, major frustration.

I probably shouldn't even be posting this, because I will look back tomorrow and say "Good sweet baby marmalade, what was I thinking?!? No one wants to know that!" But what I'm thinking right now is that my brain sounds just like rice krispies treats, with lots of milk and a case of pop rocks poured in.

And I know of only one thing to do, in this situation.

Play video games.

No, really.

There are people right now trying desperately to make video games that can be used for biofeedback. There are other people who like to point out, with some sort of bizarre righteous triumph, that video games induce the same sort of altered consciousness as drugs. To which I say, well, YEAH. That's why I have Super Collapse on my desktop, and routinely ask for Popcap games as gifts (someday, Bejeweled will be mine!). It's better'n strong coffee.

So I'm off to make tiny colored blocks pop for a while. See you tomorrow, when I will hopefully have more interesting tidbits and maybe even some art to share.


Anonymous said...

...you like Bejeweled, but don't have it?

...you realize I have to get this for you now, right? It would be inhumanly cruel not to.

Carapace said...

Ruby, I would love you even more than I already do if you grabbed Bejeweled for me. It is match-game holiness. I could swap you a copy of Collapse!