Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello Blog!

Yes, I've been neglecting this blog. I'm a bad blogmama. But I've been busy!

Still, it needs a little something. How about a picture:

This was drawn on my shiny new Cintiq tablet, which I love above all other material goods. If the house catches on fire, it's my husband, my Cintiq, and me getting out (the cats will get themselves out. They are daft, but not that daft.).

Big posts coming up later. I wish the blog could beep me so I don't forget!


sarahanne said...

Thanks for posting on my blog! I'm getting ready to check out your Etsy store. I'm afraid I don't blog as much as I should. I spend way to much time making things and spending time on Etsy!

Carapace said...

I don't how I missed seeing this.

Good for you, spending time making stuff! I wouldn't spend half as much time online if not for my job-expect me to near-vanish in December during finals week, though!