Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Get A Head!

Sorry to disappear, but I was having Excitement this weekend. Which I will be sharing, as soon as I get the photos fixed up for viewability.

But there are nonetheless a couple items of excitement.

One, I have a hundred hearts! Yaaaay! Ok, it may not seem like much to some, but I'm happy.

Two, I have a new model for my jewelry! Everybody say hello!

She looks a little bare there...let's see how she handles the shop colors:

Oh yes, she'll fit in quite well.

Now, I will let you, dear readers, in on a little secret: I HATE doing photography. And though I bought this lovely lady (who is yet nameless) for the express purpose of showing my jewelry on a human(ish) model, I do not want to rephotograph everything in my shop.

So, known only to those of you with the intelligence to follow my blog, I am having an "Oh no! Photos!" sale. From now until the end of the week (Sunday, Sept. 30), all my jewelry is either Buy One Get One Half Off, or twenty percent off (so if you just want one item, you still get a discount!).

Want in on the sale? You can either convo me ahead of time, and let me set up the listings, or just leave a note to the seller mentioning the sale and let me refund your Paypal account.

And if anyone thinks they know the new girl's name, I'd love to hear it!


Mannie Vincent said...

She's gorgeous, and fits right in with the green scarf! Where did you get her? I've been thinking about purchasing "a head" lol! And great sale going on, I must check it out!

roseworksjewelry said...

She looks like a Cassie to me for some reason :)

I HATE taking the photo's too...

Carapace said...

I actually found her on Ebay. Searched "mannequin display head", sorted priced lowest to highest, and found my beauty there for under 25 dollars- sweet!

The shop was dressformmall, and they frankly ROCK. I bought during that big paypal mix up time, and they were very patient and helpful with other payment methods.

Rose- Gad, what it is with photos? Why can't I just have some rich patron appear out of thin air every month, buy everything I've made, and then disappear again leaving me with money and supplies? Is that too much to ask?;)

agoodwitchtoo said...

Funny, I was thinking she looked like a Claudia ;)

Now I want a head! For what purpose, I don't know... maybe I'll make her balance soap on her head... tee hee.

Carapace said...

Witchy- BWAH! I love it. You could threaten your mannequin with washing its mouth out! Oh wait, you're constantly trying to get people to NOT eat your soap...