Thursday, September 18, 2008

In Which I am Forgetful

Looked at my shop today and was maaaaaagically missing an item.

"Hey!" I thought will ill-founded optimism, "Maybe I have a sale!" But no, I am a dope, and what I have is a poor head for dates. And an expired listing.

On the plus side, this makes it easier to catch up with my one-a-day listing challenge, and I needed to update my tags anyway. On the down side, phoo, I like the description I had on that one, and now I have to rewrite it, and I don't write short descriptions these days, so it'll probably take about an hour to relist, and that's not even counting the bizarro picture loading time, and I can't believe you're still reading this sentence, seriously,it must be the commas making it possible, I know when I read a sentence this long I end up out of breathe because I experience words physically, so if you're like me and you need a pause there should be a period coming up at any point now and you can BREATHE.


More postying tomorrow, when I am not sneaking blog time from the day job.


roseworksjewelry said...

Cara - one thing I do is, if I don't have anything new to list that day, I go into the Renew section and renew a couple of my oldest listings. Keeps things cycling through the store, keeps your store popping up in the "just listed" section, AND it keeps things from expiring :)

Carapace said...

Roseworks- hee! I may have to start doing that in October. But my sales are waaaaay too low to justify constant relisting. Especially with Etsy Issues lately.

Thanks for dropping by!

Bead Flora and Jewels said...

Cara, that started to happen with my items last month... because I listed one a day for a while in expired everyday, and I got my hopes up, everyday. You think I'd learn!! :)

Carapace said...

Beadflora- oh, no-- I can't let that happen! I couldn't take the disappointment:P. I guess I'll have to start November.

Hey, thanks for visiting me while I've been so mum!