Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Five: Etsy Bloggers!

Well, I missed a Friday! Can you believe, I was actually crafting, doing the three dimensional part of my Etsy business, instead of typing? Scandalous!

Well, more swag should start posting soon. But this week, the Friday Five are back!

It's practically self defense this time-- if the Etsyfriends team is a big enthusiastic party, then the Etsybloggers team is Woodstock. With amps. Broadcasting with lasers. From the moon. Maybe, if I draw their attention here, they won't crush me with the weight of their weekly posts! Witchy! Rose! Eyes here!

Someday, Palleiko Designs will feature something that doesn't make me shiver with wonder and weep with envy. But this is not that thing, being as it appears to be made of clouds and frost:

Nor is this, which appears to be from some lost fantasy world where spirits walk among our jewelry:

Waterrose catches my geeky self on either hand! This ring fits my sci-fi geek side, which squeals that it's even the right kind of blue:

And this one grabs my fantasy lover arm (and of course there is no wrong kind of green!):

Theophany knows what's important. Octopi!
And trees! Green Trees!

If I am very, very nice to the lady Down the Street, do you think she might make me an apron like this?

Or a bag this handy?

Check out the loot in A Keeper's Jackpot:

But not this one, this one's mine...for what should be obvious reasons:

Namely that it's MINE. In theory. Soon as I earn some money, anyway.

On that note, I fly! To work with me! The rest of you, talk amongst yourselves, get a nap, and hug the soft cuddlable creature of your choice. I shall return!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Cara - I'm in your blog post? I feel sooooo honored! I'm giggling at your comparing our team to Woodstock - rock on! Peace, love, and blogging forever my friend :)

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Like Woodstock :D

Carapace said...

That's Woodstock on the moon. With *lasers*.

I fear to face the thread again. Any moment now, it's gonna explode.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, I enjoy the way you write. I too had the tought of etsyBloggers Woodstock, but forgot to thing of the moon with lasers...

Ellen said...

I can't believe I missed this! Rock on!

Waterrose said...

I'm a little late with the thanks, but thank you for including my ring and cuff. You have a great blog!