Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daily Sketches: Brown

More bookmarks. These are going up in the shop VERY soon, so I'm not going to talk too much about them here. But they will be listed with ample verbiage*. Can you guess who they are without reading the descriptions?

Ok, a little verbiage, because I love these stories and will not stop talking about them ever.

First up, Sif, who you may recognize. Today she's working the wheat-braids. I've written about her before, and she will no doubt be appearing again.

Frigga, whose name makes SUCH a good oath. The other all-seeing member of the Norse pantheon, because she was Odin's wife, and a sensible husband doesn't keep things from his wife. Kept the keys to the home. Known for thinking circles around her husband. Depending on your mythteller, Frigga kept the women's equivalent of Valhalla, for women who died in childbirth or other dangerous womanly affairs.And man, I could go on for hours about the position of women in Norse society.

I could! Someone just dare to ask!

Loki, who provided the impetus for most of the stories, and who was a big ol' girl. At least once. Maybe more often. It's stressed that he was very attractive, like a dancing flame is attractive. Liked messing with Thor's mind, as though that were somehow difficult.

Freya, goddess of beauty and...well, beauty.And fertility, since it is amazing how often the one leads to another. Didn't really have to do anything else. But Norse goddesses didn't just sit around and look pretty, so Freya was a single mom of a great litte girl, and had some of the shiniest jewelry known to man or god, and had suit of falcon feathers that let her turn into a falcon and fly around. And kept a companion hall to Valhalla, for guys who got sick of the fighting and wanted to enjoy some music or something. And had the cat-chariot, which deserves its own picture.

I love the Aesir and will not stop talking about them, evidently.

ANYway, the orginals of these should be in the shop this week. This version, with the computer coloring, soon thereafter.

*Verbiage. NOT "verbage". It should surprise no one that I am defensive and picky about my language.


agoodwitchtoo said...

Very nice! Are they going to be sold as a collection???

Carapace said...

I think I'll sell them as a collection, once they're printed, yes. The originals will be sold separately, but with a discount on multiple buys. My store needs sales!

I'm also thinking about selling them just as a print, for those who don't like bookmarks. What do you think?

Jennifer said...

Cara, these are great as usual.

Mannie Vincent said...

These are fabulous my dear (: I can't wait to see how fast they sell on your shop!

XOX ~ Mannie

Carapace said...

Goodness me, ya'll are sweet. I swear this blog is the only place I've ever gotten such an audience.

Jen, you are a dear. Even if you taunt me with sugar goods on your blog;).

Mannie the originals are going up...um..today! At least some of them. But those are two-tone. Still, hey, more of me blathering about the Aesir, if you haven't had enough.:).

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love the bookmarks and guess what - I guessed Loki! That's the only one I guessed though :(

TiLT said...

I can't believ I missed these the other day. Bad Tilt. Bad.
I like it as both bookmark and collection - definitely sell print as collection!

Anonymous said...

Arg. Waaaant. T_T

You would have to do Norse right when I have NO spending moneies. Alas!

Please start selling prints, there's no way I'll be able to get the originals for this!

Carapace said...

Roseworks- Wait, you didn't guess Sif? That means I'm not drawing her enough!;)

Don't feel bad about Frigga- poor chief goddess didn't have any really distinctive features to look for. I'm glad Loki was recognizable!

Now I've got to get Frey in there. He has a golden pig! Gotta love that!

Tilt- Yay! Maybe I'll do a package deal!;)

Ruby- aw, no monies at all? Don't worry, prints are eternal! Besides, you might be surprised how cheap the originals will be...