Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes In Fact I Have Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

Well, I've fallen ONTO the face of the earth a whole lot this week, anyhow.

Hate to be revealing my super crafter secrets here, but this is a regular part of my schedule-days or weeks where my brains operate just well enough to propel me through the day, but not enough to let me do anything that requires actual thinking. I expect this post to show up drowning in typos. In which case, oh well, can't tell right now. Lo, it is one of those weeks. I blame winter.

You know how not-smart I am right now? I just posted a print in my Etsy store with ONE line of description. I mean, I'll fix it later, but geez. Breaks my heart, but I had to do it. For reasons I cannot understand at the moment, but I left myself a note, so there it is.

So: I will make up my sketches, update the site, whatever, very soon. For now I'm going to go read about raising chickens. Hey, if anyone has exciting chicken anecdotes or advice for a potential chicken-owner, I'd love to hear them, too!


Jen said...

Yes in fact, I do have a chicken anecdote: some years ago, our next door neighbors made an ill-advised foray into poultry ownership and came home with a rooster. (Yes, it was against city code. No, we weren't happy.) In addition to welcoming the dawn, the bugger kept flying over the fence into our backyard and the neighbors would have to come chase it around. Drove the cats wild.

Turns out that if you turn a chicken upside down and hold it by both feet, it will calm down quite a bit. Also turns out that turning a chicken upside down is is much more difficult to do than you might imagine, especially if you've just been chasing the durned creature.

Carapace said...

And thus you remind us all of an important point: never keep chickens without checking your local ordinances! And your neighbors' tolerance. :)

And those balls of fluff can really haul some leg, can't they?Thanks for the story!