Thursday, October 2, 2008

Daily Sketch #2: Scarecow!

A more impromptu sketch today, sticking with the spoooky theme. But not for humans, this time.
My family runs cattle on the land where I live.

They are not smart. Nor brave. I have watched them run from the family cat, an animal which weighs roughly as much as one of their hooves.

This would haunt their nightmares, until they forgot and went back to pooping on their calves' heads.


LazyTcrochet said...

hahaha cute, but I really like the black one!

Carapace said...

Thanks! This was just a bit of silliness;).

Think I should ACEO the other?

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Cows are dumb! Adorable sketch :D

Anonymous said...

See, now this one is scary to me. But that's because I find beef terrifying. Anything that stupid should not be so intimidatingly large and nostril-y. O.o