Monday, October 6, 2008

Daily Sketch # 6

It's only 11 in Central Texas! I'm not behind!

I love sphinxes. There's just a wonderful air of respect and dignity and mystery about them. Someday I shall do a proper painting of one, with all the golden peace of its Middle Eastern origins, and the textures done up proper.

Until then, you get this, the Very Nearly The Riddle of the Sphinx::

She had to be in Greece by 10 am, and she was fresh out of riddles. It was the age of Heroes, and the oldest ones in the book hadn't been written- there wasn't even a book! But silly.


Rose Works Jewelry said...


Mannie Vincent said...

Loveee it of course! And your description is fantasic as usual! I'm finding myself looking forward to these sketches each day, Thank you!

<3 Mannie

storybeader said...

very nice!
If that's just a sketch, we're in for a beautiful drawing!

Carapace said...

Thanks, Mannie! You always give such warm fuzzy comments.:)

Storybeader-- awww! Most of these aren't intended for completion, just quick tablet practice. But of course my mind can be changed!

Rose- glad to give you a grin. Don't laugh too hard! Breeatthhhe!

Anonymous said...

I love your sketches :)