Friday, October 3, 2008

Daily Sketch #4: Monkey on the Shoulder

Inspired by the tales of teammates whose pets ruin their art, yet are somehow not thrown out into the world.

I say this as my cat gives some painted glass the crazy eye.

A LOT of coloring work on this one. No GOOD coloring work, or details; it's pretty much Paint Bucket Ahoy with a few highlights. I really don't have a feel for coloring in Photoshop yet, not the way I want. It would help if I knew how to make brushes, I'm sure; anyone know a good tutorial?

Yes, I use Photoshop on all these. I need to start playing with Illustrator, too, but I'm gonna need some tutorial time on that. I have a degree in this stuff, but it's been eight years, and I'm a wee bit behind the newest model of the software.

Oh, and a big Welcome! to Ruby-- she's not from Etsy! Let's lure her over with shinies!


agoodwitchtoo said...

I love that monkey... so whimsical! He looks like part jackalope? Very nice!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I was just about to suggest you show us bigger versions of your pictures an then I was like "duh! click on it!" and I did and it's wonderful ;)

Yes, I am a dork!

Carapace said...

Witchy-yes, I had to put antlers on the monkey.:) Thanks for noticing. He is clearly the star of the piece and will doubtless show up later. I'm no Matsumoto, but I do have a stable of "actors" that tend to reappear in my doodles.

"Putting antlers on the monkey" sounds like an aphorism or something, btw. Like "Gilding the lily". Maybe it could mean "doing something cool that is both pointless and inconvenient", like making an art car with dragon wings.

Rose-ooh, you raise a good point-- I should probably be telling people to click, huh?

Anonymous said...

Brush tutorial that I love is this one:

For making custom brushes, here's one that's a bit more direct, but I'm not sure what version of PS you're using?

Erm, warning these are not on dialup friendly sites. So if you want me to email just the files to you, I can.

Mannie Vincent said...

I loveee the colors on this one, Cara!