Friday, October 17, 2008

Monkey Business!

You may have noticed a new graphic on my site. You may be wondering what is up with those charming monkeys-- is there some sort of contest going on? They don't look like my work!

And indeed they're not, but to find out what is going on, you'll have to click the graphic! Here's a hint: it involves free stuff!

And it's got me in a monkey kind of mood. So this Friday Five, here's some of our kin, and theirs:

Fellow Big Damn Crafter and all around cool person Gypsyharte has an unfamiliar face-- a non-ringtailed lemur! Good for her! Check it out:

LJGrove can't resist the ring-tailed troopers, though. Heck, neither can I:

MP Sockmonkey captures a side of baboons rarely seen--all of them!

I love the way the beads on this Frogbag bottle look like seeds-but I'm sold on the snow monkeys!

Want more monkeys? Brandee2006 has all you need:

Go ape!


TiLT said...

Great Primates...I'm on the search for the monkey contest bugs...

Carapace said...

Tilt- I want those monkeys too!:)