Saturday, October 11, 2008

Purple Fish

Not too much chat this time, kiddoes, because I have about fifty metric tons of stuff to get ready today. But here the sketch o' the day! Note: Actual fish not visible in this picture

One of my lovely commenter types suggested I do a new color every day, and so I shall! For a bit. Then I think I'm moving into complimentary colors. I said in the Blue Line I'd be practicing very basic stuff...

I'm not sure if the snake here is menacing, guarding, or just watching the fishermen with reptilian disinterest. I like to think that I'm not playing with perspective, and it is in fact a GIANT snake, watching over the little people with whom it shares a symbiotic relationship. It keeps away predators; they groom it and share their food and help it shed its skin.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Anything in purple is my new favorite!

Good luck getting all your stuff done today!

agoodwitchtoo said...

I love the idea of a new color everyday! Your snake is so pretty I don't mind it...they usually creep me out :)

Jennifer said...

So, I am looking, looking, looking. Nope no fish I do see a giant snake though. Great job. Purple used to be my favorite color now it is black and blue.

Carapace said...

Whoa! Ya'll are fast! Ok, quick backtalk before I go do errands:

Roseworks: Purple, is it? Um...then this is for you! Yeah! Planned it all along!;)

Witchy: Glad you like the color idea, because the blog is stuck with it now! Bwahaha! And I'd hate to lose your company.
Glad my snakes don't creep you out. They're sneaking into my work lately, aren't they?

Jennifer: Hey, I warned you there were no visible fish!:D When did your color love change?

TiLT said...

Yeah - playing with one color :)
The snake looks like "ugh - just get these pesky people outta my space"
looking forward to tomorrows color

Mannie Vincent said...

Ohhh, Sarah!!! Purple is my favorite! I loveeeee this!