Friday, October 17, 2008

Daily Sketch: Dentist!

Gyah, missed yesterday! Hope I didn't worry anyone too much.

I'll catch up later, but here's the sketch for today:

I have a peculiar affection for dentists. Their work is so straightforward, like a sort of medical carpentry. And I like the little birds that dentist* in the mouths of giant (relative to them) monsters.

Hence, this picture, which is about half- done.

*In English, any noun can verb. Try it!

The lovely MVincent- Mannie of Mannie's Mandibles has tagged me once more! Hurrah! In keeping with today's sketch, I'll make mine medical:

1. I had reverse headgear and a palate spreader for three years. Right in the awkward tween years. Gangly, uncoordinated, shooting people with rubber bands when they broke off my sharp metal chin-prongs. constantly drooling-- oh yeah, I was a charmer. I knew I could never believe anything my mom said when she insisted I was *still* an attractive child. Love you mom, but you were lyyyying! Or possibly insane.

2. I wanted to be a surgeon when I was a teenager. I still would like to be able to do that, but it's not a physical possibity ("I shoot with this hand"-watch Blazing Saddles, you'll get what I mean).

3. Relevant to #2, I have dissected:
two fetal pigs
3 frogs
a cat
2 rats

All before my junior year of high school. I do in fact know where the spleen is and what it should look like.

4. I have never broken a bone. I have dislocated every single joint in my body at some point, with the possible exception of the cranial suture (the joint in the top of the skull).

5. I can usually reset any joint I happen to dislocate, except my ribs. Anyone with good tips on self-manipulating their ribcage, there's a population of EDSers waiting to give you a prize.

6. I am missing a tooth. This is not because of poor hygiene, or even my usual native weak enamel, but because the tooth just failed to show up after its original baby version disappeared.

7. I have been stung by bees, wasps, and scorpions several times, and it just gives me a bit of a buzz and makes me giggly. But booze makes me pass right the heck out; I can't even drink enough to get a hangover. I have no idea why this is, since biochemistry is not my thing. But as alcohol is easier to avoid than scorpions in my life, I'll take it!


TiLT said...

OOOHHH...will this one be in your shop? My dad is a DDS :) So, I love dentists...well, one at least.

have to comment on some of you "secrets"...I've also dissected the pig & frog (put a tube down into the lung to inflate them - way cool), plus a shark (about 1 ft long. oh, and a person - well, watched most, helped with some (gross anatomy pre-med)...
No broken bones!?! I claim each limb (tho' not at the same time)...
and remind us not to take you out for drinks!

any pics of the headgear you? musta been bee-U-ti-full ;)

Carapace said...

I think this will be in my shop as a print; I can always make one just for you, no problem!

Isn't dissection cool? It felt so thrilling to see how things really fit together. What were you in pre-med for?

And however did you break every limb?!?

No pics of me on the blog, remember;)?

Rose Works Jewelry said...

OOO - I had three, count them THREE, palate spreaders! Hate those things...

Mannie Vincent said...

I love the dentist (: I love how clean my mouth feels after visiting one, lol. I like this sketch; BIG monster, little dentist, it's brillant! And thanks for linking me (:

<3 Mannie

Carapace said...

Roseworks- THREE? Good heavens, why so many? I just had the one, but it stayed for three years. I'm so glad it happened when I was a kid, you know? I'd hate to have done that now, when I've got a better memory and stiffer bones.

Mannie- I love the dentist too! I always know what's happening at the dentist, they never think I'm making up problems, and sometimes I get a free toothbrush. I think doctors would be more popular if they gave out free thermometers or something:D.